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Shop our unique collection of crochet threads. These are some of the best threads on the market. All of products ship from the US in 1 to 2 business days.

Aunt Lydia’s

Size 3 and 10 Thread

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Size 8 Crochet Thread

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Size 5 Crochet Thread

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Size 30 Thread

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Resources for Threadies

Here are some resources for threadies and newbies to crochet thread to help you get started or answer some of those nagging questions about crochet threads.

Yarn vs Crochet Thread, what’s the difference?

Crochet Thread vs Yarn. What’s the difference? How are they used? When do you use one over the other? We cover that and more in the post about yarns vs thread.

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Blog Post

Our Beginners Guide to Crochet Thread

Comprehensive guide to crochet thread

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What is Crochet Thread

Explains what crochet thread is and is not

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Top 10 Projects for Crochet Thread

Need help getting started try our top 10

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Right Size hooks for Crochet Thread

Check out our hook size guide

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10 Best Brands of Crochet Thread

Explore our top 10 crochet thread brands

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What is crochet thread used for

Projects for Crochet Thread

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Free Crochet Patterns

Need some inspiration?

Try these free crochet patterns or browse a pattern library. These patterns are free to download for your personal use.

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yarn twisting machine 1

What does 100% mercerized mean?

All most all of our crochet thread and even some of our yarn says that it is 100% mercerized. Every wonder what that means? What is Mercerization means? How is it done? What are the benefits of mercerized cotton vs non mercerized cotton.

This blog post covers that and more.

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Hooks for your threads

Need a hook for your next project? Don’t forget to get the right hook for you next thread or yarn project.



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