Flowers in the wild

Flowers in the wild

Flowers abound in the spring.  Some have names that I know of, some are not familiar at all, but then again, they all look pretty and are too adorable not to capture in crochet.

I know of the African violets,  purple Zinnia, Anemone, and the Purple Primrose, but they are not the inspiration for the one I crocheted. I will just call  them flowers in the wild. They come out everywhere around this time, so dainty and vibrant!

I enjoyed making them so much I couldn’t stop until my basket was full. They are so easy to make and so much fun I made a lot of them and use them to embellish my other projects.  As I was sitting in the kitchen crocheting them it occurred to me that I could make them into little refrigerator magnets (instructions included in the pattern).

IMG 0632 crop
Flowers in the wild magnets

It is totally up to you how to use them, you may choose to  add them on a dress, embellish them on a hat, or drape them in your blanket or afghan. So many possibilities!

To get the free PDF of the pattern click the download button.

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