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April is proving to be an exciting month at Lyn’s Crafts. We have just added the most popular crochet thread on the market to our line of threads and yarns. We have added Aunt Lydia’s size 3 and size 10. We are able to do this because we negotiated a contract with a crafts supplier that us gives access to over 150,000 items. Yes, Lyn’s Crafts is expanding.

Our first goal is to provide our customer with more of the popular brands, at reasonable prices, starting with Aunt Lydia’s. Next will be to determine other popular products, based on demand, that we can carry. We will announce those new products over time.

In addition to crochet threads we have access to yarns by brands such as Paton, Bernat, DMC, Handicrafter, etc. And while we have access to yarns such as Lion Brand and Red Heart, we not planning to carry those because they are widely available. Do you have a favorite yarn that you like to see us carry? Let us know in the comments below.


We are in the process of restocking our Monaco from the Philippines. The order has been received by our overseas buyer and is in the process of being shipped. There has been a bit of delay due to this being the holy week. The Philippines is a very Catholic country and many offices and services are not available during holy week.

We are anticipating shipment of the order sometime after Easter.

linen size 10 crochet tread

New Linen Crochet Thread

We found a supplier in Lithuania that sells a very nice size 10 crochet thread. We ordered some samples and Lyn was very impressed. The colors you see here will be available on our website soon. 

The threads you see are about 600 m/656 yards, 100 grams, 3 ply Linen. They are not mercerized but as you can see the colors are vibrant. 

We are in the process of labeling these threads so that we can make them available on our website. They should be available in few days. 

We are planning to add more of these to our website in the coming weeks. In the mean time, you can contact us if you like purchase now.

Let us know what you think about the new treads in comments below.


Discontinuing Balinese Cotton Yarn.

We are not planning to restock the Balinese Yarns. We still have a fairly large section of yarns in stock and we will continue to sell these until they are gone. We are also planning to sell some of the yarns in lots of 5, 10, etc. You will see offers to purchase these lots in the coming weeks.

You may be wondering why we came to this decision. Was there an issue with yarns? Did we get complaints or returns? The answer is, no, there are no problems with quality of yarns. The decision is purely economic. Importing from Indonesia is very expensive. Often times we spend more on shipping than we do on the products. That, coupled with the fact that the demand for crochet thread is much higher than for yarn contributed to our decision.

Another factor is that marketing yarn is more competitive than thread. We are small, microscopic, little business that can’t compete with the big box stores when it comes to our marketing dollars. Given that we have much more success with the crochet threads the decision to focus on the threads was an obvious one.

Does this mean we will never carry Balinese Yarns again? No, it does not. It just means that our focus is shifting from yarns to threads. We still have a lot of yarn in stock and it will remain available for purchase. Additionally, you may have noticed that we have put some yarns on clearance to help them move faster. You can get the same quality yarns at a significantly reduced price.

New Free Patterns

Want some free patterns to try with your Aunt Lydia’s Crochet thread? We have a new section for commercial free patterns. The patterns on the site are freely available commercial patterns we have added here for you convenience.  

5 thoughts on “Lyn’s Crafts News for April 2019

  1. Anne says:

    I am personally do excited for all the changes Lyns Crafts is going through. The added supply of threads and the Snarky tee, great insight into your client base. Great job, kiddos to you. Thank you, for all you do for us.

    • Arthur Smith says:


      Thanks. Our Pleasure. Lyn and I are working hard to make Lyn’s Craft successful. We believe the best way to do this is to provide good products and customer service. We are specially grateful for our loyal customers and friends who continue to support us.


      Lyn and Art

  2. Willempje Maldonado says:

    I have a pattern for a curtains in Dutch. They’re using size 8 crochet thread. Could I use # 3? Do you have that #.

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