Lyn’s Crafts News for May 2019

Flax Linen Crochet Thread Size 10

What’s New at Lyn’s Crafts

New Flax Linen Crochet Thread

We found a supplier in Lithuania that sells a very nice size 10 flax linen crochet thread. We now have 11 colors in stock. If you are new to linen crochet thread, and, flax linen in particular, we wrote a blog article entitled 5 Great Benefits of using Flax Linen Crochet Thread to share the benefits of this unique crochet thread.

Lyn is so excited about the linen threads that she took some of the samples we received and used them while learning to knit. As you can see, she has made great progress in her knitting and is loving the new thread.


We have finally restocked our Monaco Crochet Thread.  The we received the order from Philippines without a hitch. This time in came in two large boxes weighing about 55 pounds for the larger box and 20 pounds for the smaller box. Shipping from the Philippines in two boxes nearly doubled our shipping cost but everything arrived safely. Sorting and stocking took about 5 hours but now our inventory has been updated. You can now order the colors you need for your projects.

Check our site for the updated quantities of threads we have in stock. 

1.4k Free Pattern Links on our Pinterest Boards

In addition to all of the reorders and restocking we been updating our Pinterest Boards. Our Free Crochet Patterns Board has over 1500 pins. Our top 3 boards include:

  • Free Crochet Patterns (1.4k pins)
  • Crochet Stitch Tutorials (700+ pins)
  • Free Knitting Patterns (150+)

Check our boards for tons of free patterns and tutorials. We will be pinning many way more over time.

Check out some of our recent Pins from our Free Crochet Pattern Board

Lyn and Art from Lyn’s Crafts


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