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At Lyn’s Crafts, we have always provided a way for our customers to display their work on our site. The problem was, our old site was very limited.  While we did have a customer gallery, it was not very user friendly and there was no way for someone to simply submit pictures to add. Only visitors who talked to Lyn on FaceBook were able to have their work displayed.

Well, on our new site, we have added a customer gallery. While most of the pictures currently on display came from our old website,  you can now have your projects displayed. 

If you are a registered user, you can send us a request to add your pictures by filling out a form. To access the form go to the about menu and select Customer Gallery Addition.

full about menu

You will see the following form:

customer gallery request form
Fill out this form to have your project added to the gallery

When you submit the form we will receive an email with your information and pictures. We will add your images to our site within 2 business days.

Now, if you are not a registered user, you will not see the menu item to add to gallery. If you want to add your project pictures please register on our site. Once you are registered, login and go to the “About” menu. You will see the link.

Coming Soon …

Share a free pattern on Lyn’s Crafts

One of the things our visitors like is access to free patterns. Currently, we are only sharing Lyn’s free patterns.  In the next few days we will include an option for you guys to share your free patterns on our site. If you have a pattern, that is your original work (your intellectual property), and you want to share it with the community, you will be able to upload it our site and, after we review it, we will it. To avoid conflicts we are only allowing original works. 

So if you have a free pattern that you have posted on Ravely, Etsy or other site, please share it with our community.  

Also, if you want to share one of our free patterns on your site, group or Facebook page you are free to do so. We ask that you give Lyn credit for her creation and provide a link back to our site in your post.

Community (Forums)

We are in the very early stages of creating a Lyn’s Crafts community by adding discussion forums to the site. While we know that there are many social media sites that allow discussions on crochet, yarn, threads, etc., we decided to add our own community to site so that you guys can post information to our little community. 

While the software has been installed and works we are still testing and deciding what sections and topics to include. If you have any ideas about what you would like to see in a discussion group add it to the comments below.

Help us grow

Lyn and I have renewed our commitment to Lyn’s Crafts by changing our hosting, upgrading our site, and adding lots of new features to make your browsing more enjoyable. Help us grow our site and community by sharing our post and links on your social media. We need to get the word out that there is a great little company, with cool products, and great service, out there to the yarn and crochet community. Please share our post, give us a like on Facebook and follow us on other social media. With your help we can create a great place for crafters, crocheters, yarnies and threadies to hang out, share ideas, patterns, tips and tricks.

Thanks for reading our blog.

Lyn and Art

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