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Lyn's Crafts News for January 2017

Published : 2017-01-02 11:21:16
Categories : Lyn's Crafts News

What's new at Lyn's Crafts?

Quiet Thanksgiving and Christmas

We had a very quite Thanksgiving and Christmas at Lyn's Crafts. With 6 of us around the house, final exams, school papers, work projects, etc, all coming due at the same we were thankful that our store was quite.

We had lots of orders to fill but nothing really new or innovative going on so our blog was quite. We are hoping to be more active with our store and our blog in 2017. As the New Year starts we will keep our weekly sales and offer discounts during seasonal events. We are also on the lookout for new products to offer so come back often to see our new stock.

A word about emails.

We are debating as to whether or not to emails sales to our news letter subscribers. Based on our data we don't get much traffic and the emails seems to annoy some of our customers. This is why we didn't send out email notices of sales during the holidays. Let us know if you want to receive email notices of sales and other events. If enough customers want to be informed of sales and other discounts we will resume sending the noticies.

Weekly Sales

Love to crochet but want to save some money? Visit Lyn's Crafts website for our weekly specials. Each week we will have a yarn, crochet thread, pattern or other items at reduced prices. In addition to these sales we will have our perioditoc cart sale where you get 20% to 25% off of your total purchase for a limited time.

Crochet for a Cause (Google+ Community)

There comes a time in everyone's life when tragedy strikes. Sometimes it affects us directly, sometimes it is someone you know. We have had such an incident happen to one of our family members. Lyn's brother in law was severely injured on the job. He was working with a wood grinder when it slipped out of his hand severing his thumb and then slicing into his leg. The father of 5 can no longer work to support his family and requires surgery.

Lyn's came up with the idea of starting a Google+ community to help her fellow crafters when tragedy strikes by giving them a place to tell their stories, share their crochet and to make or request donations.

Please join Crochet for a cause, share your works and help your fellow crafters in their time of need.

Crochet Rock Stars

Because we know you are a rock star!

Did you know that we have our own crochet group on FaceBook? Well, yes we do. It is called Crochet Rock Stars. You can find our group here.

Crochet Rock Stars is a place where Crocheters come to share their passion for the art. We encourage our members to share their works-in-progress and completed projects. Also, we love to discuss the tools and techniques of the craft.

So what sets our group apart? One of the biggest things that sets our group apart is that we encourage you to advertise your completed creations:  patterns, yarn, thread or anything else that is knitting, crochet, pattern, or yarn/thread related.

We know that some crochet groups have pretty draconian policies about advertising. The admins are quick to kick you out if they think you are trying to sell something. Well, we think that is the wrong approach for a craft group whose members are small businesses trying to promote their shops or individuals just trying to make some extra money by selling patterns, yarns or threads.

At Crochet Rock Stars we encourage you to post items for sale from your FaceBook page, Ravelry store, Etsy Shop, personal website, etc.. The one rule that we enforce is that items advertised in our group must be related to crochet or knitting. Any post not crochet, knitting, yarn, thread, or pattern related will be deleted. As long as you are posting about your patterns, yarn, threads, you are good to go.

Oh, a note about patterns. Make sure that if you're publishing a pattern for direct sale that you are author of the pattern. We don't want any copyright violations. You are free to share links to other patterns as long as the author is ok with it.

So help us help you. Join Crochet Rock Stars today. The more members we have, the greater the target audience you have for crochet related goods. Tell your friends, share the group on FaceBook and get the word out that Crochet Rock Stars is a great place to hang out and a great place to promote your products.

 Lyn's Crafts Photography

As we mentioned several previous blog entries we purchased a new camera and hubby took on the task of learning photography to improve both our product and creative images. Hubby is so proud of the pictures he took he was inspired to create a FaceBook page just for his photography.

So please checkout Lyn's Crafts Photography. 

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