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Lyn's Crafts News for May 2017

Published : 2017-05-25 07:49:10
Categories : Lyn's Crafts News

What's new at Lyn's Crafts?

Life Changes, new directions

We have been running Lyn's Crafts for about 5 years now. It started as a way for Lyn to generate some additional income, first selling Abaca Bags from the Philippines, then selling items that she crocheted and finally selling yarn, patterns and accessories. While we had high hopes for Lyn's Crafts success our sales have not kept up.

Around June of last year Lyn decided that she wanted to go back to teaching. After being home for 5 years it was time for change. Lyn is learning to drive, has attended 2 semesters at our local community college and took a part time job at a local store. With all of her new activities she has not had much time for crocheting.

While driving is still a struggle, she as maintained straight A's in school and kept per part time work as well.

So what does this mean for Lyn's Crafts? Are we going out of business? No, we are not going out of business. We have lots of yarn to sell and have recently restocked from Indonesia. We will keep our online business, filling orders as they come in. The good thing about being a home based business is that our overhead is very low so we can sustain the business as is.

However, one thing that will likely change is that Lyn's won't have time to create as many patterns as she had in the past. While she still has a passion for crochet, the other demands on her time means that pattern creation will take much longer.

While Lyn is preparing to resume her teaching career, hubby is working on some new creative endeavors of his own.  After spending much of last year learning how to use his new camera he is creating art posters for sale. The posters are colorful and available in a variety sizes. We will post a link in the blog when the posters are ready for display and sale.

You can view Lyn's Crafts Photography's posters here

Blue Vase Poster             Crochet Vase

New Yarns from Indonesia

We just got some Balinese Cotton Yarn from Indonesia. The yarns arrived yesterday and will be online and available for sale soon.

New Balinese Cotton Yarn

A word about emails.

We are debating as to whether or not to emails sales to our news letter subscribers. Based on our data we don't get much traffic and the emails seem to annoy some of our customers. This is why we didn't send out email notices of sales during the holidays. Let us know if you want to receive email notices of sales and other events. If enough customers want to be informed of sales and other discounts we will resume sending the notices.

Lyn's Crafts Photography

As we mentioned several previous blog entries we purchased a new camera and hubby took on the task of learning photography to improve both our product and creative images. Hubby is so proud of the pictures he took he was inspired to create a FaceBook page just for his photography.

So please checkout Lyn's Crafts Photography.




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