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Lyn's Crafts FAQs:

Probably most commonly asked quesiton about our patterns is, "Why do I have register on your site just to get a free pattern"?

The Answer is that Lyn's Crafts free patterns are promotional material distributed by Lyn's Crafts as part of our overall Marketing campaign. As such, we require registration on the site. While you are not required to purchase anything to get a free pattern, we hope that you will take a minute, look around the site and see if our yarns and other products are appealing. 

Registration on the site also helps us track the popularity of each pattern and allows us to support the patterns by answering customer questions via our contact us/customer support feature.

We respect your privacy and will never sell or distribute your contact information to any third parties. The information collected on our site is strictly used for processing and tracking of orders placed with us.

The next mostly comonly asked question is, "Where is the download button"? Or "How do I get my download"?

For all patterns, and any other digital material distributed by Lyn's Crafts, you have to add the product to your shopping cart and go through the checkout process. If you acquiring free materials there will be no charge at the end of the check out process.

After you have checked out the system will send you an email with a link to pattern(s) you placed in your shopping cart.

Just click on the link in the email to download the pattern.

If you dont receive an email from the system you can still download the pattern from your Lyn's Crafts account. Just login to Lyn's Crafts. You'll be taken to the My Account Page. From there, go to your order history, select the order, and scroll down. The download links are listed in two different places in the order.

I live in Europe, can I buy from Lyn's Crafts?

We are looking for a solution to issue of European VAT payments. At present customers in Europe can download our free patterns and can purchase yarn from our site, but, we will need to restrict purchases of our sale patterns until we have a workable solution.

For a company our size the VAT requriement are a bit overwhelming. As soon as we have a workable solution we will post an announcment in our blog and send out an email notification.

How do I claim my free gift?

At checkout time you will see a option at the bottom of the page to select your free gift.

You can scroll the list of gifts until you see the one you want then just click on it. You can then scroll back up to see that the free gift has been added to your shopping cart.


Now you can see your free gift is listed in the cart. Just checkout normally.